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Science Meets Dance: Science magazine’s 2011 Dance Your Ph.D. Contest

By Dr. Meg Bouvier

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but October always feels as if life has lurched into high gear and summer is a distant memory. When you are feeling overwhelmed it’s important to maintain a sense of humor, and perhaps no people on earth have a quirkier sense of humor than scientists. Each year Science magazine invites Ph.D. students to submit a video that depicts their thesis work in the form of dance. (Many of you know I trained as a dancer, so I particularly love this contest.) The stipulation is that if you submit a video, it has to be your own thesis work and you have to be in it. Last Friday Science announced the sixteen finalists, one funnier than the next. Finalists in each of four categories (physics, chemistry, biology, and social sciences) and an overall winner will be announced this Thursday.

I have had these videos open on my desktop for the past few days and every time I feel myself in need of a laugh I watch one. Some are goofy and silly, some are quite beautiful and innovative, all are creative. I invite you to enjoy them as well. And the next time Hoda Eydgahi’s fun-loving lab at MIT has a party, I definitely want to be invited!


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