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In an effort to provide cost-effective training to the broadest group possible, we created a series of virtual, self-paced training courses. For a fraction of the cost of one-on-one consulting, Dr. Bouvier will teach you step-by-step how to write an NIH submission. Course access is just one aspect of membership!

Virtual Self-Directed

Most of the activities in the online course library have been approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. For detailed credit information, choose a course title.

Ready to take your NIH Grantwriting skills to the next level?

The purchase of any course or bundle includes all the benefits of membership, including:

  • Livestream Bootcamps three times a year
  • Recordings of the most recent Bootcamp in your course library
  • Live Q&A with Dr. Bouvier every other week
  • Recordings of past Q&A sessions in your course library

Payments made with check or wire transfer receive a discount. Email us for details.

Course Bundles

Center of Excellence Bundle

Comprehensive training for all career stages.

Career Development Bundle

For faculty who want to hone their NIH grantsmanship skills.

Grantwriting Starter Bundle

We’ve created an all-new collection of online courses to help beginning NIH grantwriters learn the skills you need to be successful.

Early Stage Investigator Bundle

For ESI looking to land a major NIH grant.

Custom Bundle

Optimize the bundle to suit the needs of your applicants.

The Writing Club Bundle

The Writing Club Roadmap paired with your selection of our grantwriting course(s) are all you need to run an effective NIH writing club with minimal effort.

Writing Courses

Master the R Series

Preparing to write your first R01 or R-series submission, or the first in a while? Unsuccessful at NIH? Need help staying on schedule?

Master Resubmissons

Your NIH submission did not go as planned. Now what?

Master the K (and F) Series

The mentored Master the K (and F) Series is often an applicant’s first contact with the NIH grant process. It can be a steep and intimidating learning curve.

Master the T32

You mastered the R Series and are dreaming of an institutional training grant to attract the most highly qualified trainees. How do you begin?

Master the P & U Series

The NIH multiproject grants can lead to the most gratifying stage of one’s career, in which one directs a research center or a hub within a cooperative network.

The Human Subjects Form

The PHS Human Subjects & Clinical Trial Information Form is crucially important to application success.

The 4 Rigor Scoring Criteria

Don't let rigor critiques tank your application score!


Optimize Your Funding Mechanism

How does one choose between the myriad K and R mechanisms, and types of NOFOs?

Navigate the Review Process

In this course designed for new applicants, we describe the path your application follows after upload.

Checklist to Avoid Top Mistakes

This course describes the most common mistakes seen recently on NIH grant applications.

Grow a Healthy Funding Portfolio

So you are ready to begin applying for external funding and will begin with an NIH R01, right? Probably not.


Best Practices to Increase Funding

Over years of working with medical centers and universities on their funding portfolios, I have observed certain practices common to those who are consistently successful.

Writing Club Roadmap

A comprehensive planning guide to designing and executing a highly effective NIH writing club.


Deadline-Push: 10-session workplan

What’s your NIH submission workplan? How do you manage your time working toward deadlines?

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