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NIH Training Opportunities for November 2022

By Dr. Meg Bouvier

We stay current on NIH happenings and would be delighted to keep you informed.

NIH hosts webinars on topics of importance to grantees. Below is some information regarding webinars and workshops that will be held the week of November 7th.

International Collaborations

NIH is hosting an online webinar for both domestic and international researchers titled  International Collaborations: Policies, Processes, & Partnerships. The event will take place on November 9th and will feature policies; case studies; live Q&A; valuable resources and tools; guidance from NIH experts; and a post-event discussion.

If you’ve already registered for the NIH Virtual Conference, this webinar is included in your registration. Registration to the webinar and the conference can be found here:

My Bibliography

NIH will be hosting a workshop on November 10th to teach NIH-funded researchers, their delegates, and institutional grants officers with specific task-based, hands-on activities how to use NCBI Account tools for post-award reporting.

The workshop will teach attendees: 

  • What is needed for NIH Public Access compliance
  • How to submit your recently accepted publication through the NIH Manuscript Submission (NIHMS) System
  • How to track your submitted manuscript through the process in My Bibliography
  • How to create an Award Compliance Report PDF using My Bibliography
  • How to solve common reporting issues and errors.

My Bibliography is a reference tool that helps users save citations from PubMed or, if the citations are not in PubMed, to manually upload a citations file or enter citation information using My Bibliography templates. My Bibliography provides a centralized place for publications,  allows citations to be easily accessed, exported as a file, and shared with others. Publications can also be associated with grants.

When linked to an eRA account, My Bibliography includes more features which allow eRA Commons users to see whether their publications comply with the NIH Public Access Policy, to start the compliance process for their publications, and to associate their publications to awards. My Bibliography also allows users to assign delegates to manage My Bibliography citations.

Registration to the workshop is limited. Follow this link for more information and registration: 

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