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NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs) will often publish Requests for Information (RFIs) for the scientific community’s input on different items. I think these RFIs are excellent opportunities in which researchers should participate. Depending on the RFI, you could be helping encourage an IC to prioritize funding for your scientific research area.

Here are just a couple of RFIs that I came across recently (any emphasis is mine).

  • On February 26 NIAID issued an RFI “inviting comments and suggestions on NIAID’s strategic plan.” This includes feedback on NIAID’s proposed “research priorities and cross-cutting themes.” The RFI has the research priorities enumerated. The RFI also guides interested respondents in what format, where, and by when to submit a response.
  • On February 28, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) issued an RFI for input on “NICHD’s strategic recommendations for the future of extramural research training and career development. NICHD welcomes potential approaches and innovations that may be implemented to support early career researchers and trainees.” Once again, a fantastic opportunity to weigh in, especially by new researchers and/or their mentors. Similarly, the RFI guides respondents on submission deadline, format, and method.

Researchers have an endless list of responsibilities. Trust me, I get it. But taking the time to possibly help encourage and/or shape future funding in your area of research is so worthwhile. The good news is that there likely won’t be a ton of RFIs to which you’ll respond since they are pretty focused – by IC and topic.

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Dr. Meg Bouvier

Margaret Bouvier received her PhD in 1995 in Biomedical Sciences from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. After an NINDS post-doctoral fellowship, she worked as a staff writer for long-standing NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins in the Office of Press, Policy, and Communications for the Human Genome Project and NHGRI. Since 2007, Meg has specialized in editing and advising on NIH submissions, and began offering virtual courses in 2015. She's recently worked with more than 40% of the nation's highest-performing hospitals*, four of the top 10 cancer hospitals, three of the top five medical schools for research, and 14 NCI-designated cancer centers. Her experience at NIH as both a bench scientist and staff writer greatly informs her approach to NIH grantwriting. She has helped clients land over half a billion in federal funding. Bouvier Grant Group is a woman-owned small business.

*Our clients include 9 of the top 22 hospitals as recognized by the 2023/24 US News & World Report honor roll

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